Empowering Church Leaders: The Renegade Pastors Network

The Renegade Pastors Network is a community dedicated to serving and building up leaders in the Body of Christ. Their God-given mission is to equip and support pastors, so they can effectively spread the good news of God's word to people of all nationalities around the world.

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Church Health Focus

As a part of the Congregational Methodist Church Division of Church Ministries, the Renegade Pastors Network offers unique resources to help churches and ministries thrive. One of the main focuses of the Renegade Pastors Network is church health. They understand the importance of having healthy and thriving churches, so they offer coaching and training dedicated to equipping and empowering church leaders. From church growth strategies to management and systems best practices, the Renegade Pastors Network is a dynamic and innovative organization that works to build up leaders to see the Body of Christ grow.

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Calendar of Coaching Events for Pastors

One of the ways the Renegade Pastors Network helps church leaders is through their calendar of events. They offer monthly group coaching sessions and boot camps for leadership to grow and learn. These coaching sessions cover a variety of topics, including mastering the secrets to church growth and health, and how to expand church attendance.

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Grow the Church

Live monthly coaching is a guided experience focused on church growth and the systems of a healthy organization. Through this coaching, pastors can receive personalized guidance and support to help them achieve their goals and grow their church. This creates a supportive and collaborative environment where pastors can learn and grow together.

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Strengthening Ministry

The Renegade Pastors Network is a valuable tool for church leaders who are seeking to grow and strengthen their ministry. Through their unique approach and strong belief in the Church, they are equipping Methodist pastors to lead their churches and make a greater impact in their communities and beyond.

Through their dedication to church health and growth, the Renegade Pastors Network is committed to serving and supporting pastors to reach people of all nationalities with the good news of God's word. We encourage all church leaders to become familiar with the Renegade Pastors Network and take advantage of the valuable resources and support they offer to the Congregational Methodist Church.

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