Why is Easter and the Season of Lent Important?

The season of Lent holds significant importance for Christians around the world. Learn more about why Easter and the season of Lent are important, and if your CM Church needs assistance or methodist resources during this season, contact CM Church Ministries.

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What is The Season of Lent?

What exactly is the season of Lent? It is a period of forty days leading up to Easter Sunday. During this time, Christians engage in spiritual disciplines such as prayer, fasting, and giving. The focus is on preparing oneself and reflecting on the profound sacrifice, death, burial, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus Christ. Lent is a season of introspection, repentance, and anticipation, as believers prepare their hearts to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus on Easter Sunday.


Redemption and Salvation

One of the primary reasons why Easter and the season of Lent are important is the central message they convey: redemption and salvation. The events of Easter, particularly Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection, provide a powerful illustration of God's unconditional love, grace, and sacrifice. It is through Jesus' death and resurrection that believers find forgiveness and the hope of eternal life. The season of Lent serves as a time of deep reflection and appreciation for this incredible act of love.

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Self-Reflection and Self-Discipline

Moreover, Lent reminds Christians of the importance of self-reflection and self-discipline. By engaging in practices like fasting and prayer, individuals are encouraged to examine their hearts, identify areas of weakness, and strive for spiritual growth. It is a time to refocus on one's relationship with God.

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Gratitude and Humility

Additionally, the season of Lent helps believers develop a greater sense of gratitude and humility. The sacrifice of Jesus on the cross serves as a reminder of the magnitude of our sins and the immeasurable love of our Savior. Through this season, Christians are encouraged to not take God's grace for granted but to reflect on the cost of their redemption and respond with hearts filled with gratitude and humility.

Let Us Open Our Hearts to God’s Love

As we journey through the season of Lent, may we as members of the congregational methodist church open our hearts to God's transformative love and prepare ourselves to celebrate the glorious resurrection of our Savior on Easter Sunday. If you are looking for methodist resources and learning modules for your CM Church, contact the team here at CM Church Ministries today.

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